R-E-L-A-X: The Bengals insist they aren’t worried after week five

After suffering an embarrassing defeat to the Baltimore Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals are projecting a calm approach to getting back on track.

There’s no kind way of putting it: The Cincinnati Bengals were badly outclassed by the Baltimore Ravens in week five. After months of optimism surrounding the direction of the franchise, the AFC North clash reminded the football world just how much work needs to be done before Zac Taylor’s squad finds its way out of the last place in the division.

With the play of the offensive line, the declining contributions from former cornerstone players, and the regular beating Joe Burrow has been taking, there are legitimate concerns about the future of the organization.

Don’t tell that to the two guys at the helm, however, Taylor and Burrow. Both parties seem confident and according to the latter, it’s just apart of the league they play in,

“I think everyone’s overreacting a little bit right now… We had a bad game. That’s going to happen in the NFL.”

On one hand, Burrow is right. Take the Buffalo Bills for example. Before week five, they were rolling. An undefeated record, premiere play at the quarterback position, and a lot of hype led many to believe they were legitimate contenders, and they most likely are. However, they just lost 42-16 to a Titans team that has barely been able to practice recently. It happens.

Not to mention, Cincinnati has been in every contest they’ve played leading up to Baltimore. Before the 24-point defeat, they hadn’t lost by more than five points.

On the other side of the coin, however, the overall trajectory the team has been on so far this season hasn’t been great, even before the blowout loss to the Ravens. Sure, Burrow has looked good, but he’s taken far too many hits. The coaching staff continues to be uninspiring as well, and there should be legitimate worry that they will find themselves picking in the top-five once again next year.

Zac Taylor promises the Bengals won’t panic

After such a disappointing start to the season, it’s tempting to want to blow it all up. Put guys on the trade block, abandon the plan, find a different way of going about things. That’s not the route Taylor plans on taking though. In a sit down with Bengals.com Senior Writer Geoff Hobson, Taylor responded to the notion that the performance against the Ravens may have shaken him,

“I think that’s what people tend to do. They panic over one performance. That is absolutely not what we’re going to do.”

Of course, that’s exactly the kind of message you expect to hear from the head coach. His delivery of the message is believable though, and it’s evident in player press conferences that they’re repeating his rhetoric, suggesting they’re still bought in.

As the Bengals prepare to get back on track against the Indianapolis Colts in week six, the orange and black faithful will soon find out if they’re able to avoid another sputtering offensive performance against a solid defense.

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