Sound the alarm: Stephen A. Smith praises the Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals At Tennessee Titans
Cincinnati Bengals At Tennessee Titans /

Stephen A. Smith, a notorious critic of the Cincinnati Bengals, praised the franchise after their week eight win against the Titans.

The Cincinnati Bengals have no shortage of critics. The orange and black faithful are more aware of that than ever, especially after some of the storylines generated prior to the drafting of Joe Burrow this offseason. However, there may be no greater critic of the franchise than that of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

The First Take personality is a well-known Pittsburg Steelers supporter, the bitter AFC North rival of the Bengals. Smith would likely be critical of Cincinnati regardless of his fandom, but knowing who he roots for causes his commentary to carry a little more sting.

He had this to say about the organization in the lead up to the draft,

"“I get so sick and tired of all of these folks sitting around talking about ‘Oh, Cincinnati is not that bad’…here’s the reality, that organization is not a great organization. They’ve done nothing to show us otherwise.”"

Since these comments, however, Smith has changed his tune.

Stephen A. Smith likes what he’s seeing in the Bengals!?

Following a week eight victory over the Tennessee Titans, Smith took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the Bengals performance, stating he’s impressed with what he’s seeing from Joe Burrow AND Zac Taylor.

The beloved commentator certainly isn’t alone in his praise for Burrow. Pretty much the entire football world is on the same page when it comes to the gunslinger’s stardom. But he may not have as many people in his corner supporting his praise of Taylor.

After a rough start to the 2020 season and numerous late-game meltdowns, the consensus in the Queen City was that Taylor’s seat was beginning to grow hot. Apparently, that isn’t so in the eyes of Smith.

The Bengals will get a chance to rest up as they head into their bye week. After, they’ll be presented an opportunity to shock the landscape once more and draw praise from guys like Stephen A. Smith as they take on the undefeated Pittsburg Steelers.

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