Breaking down another dazzling Joe Burrow performance

CINCINNATI, OHIO - SEPTEMBER 13: (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)
CINCINNATI, OHIO - SEPTEMBER 13: (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals’ young gunslinger, Joe Burrow, leads the way in Cincinnati’s second win of the season.

Joe Burrow continues to impress in his first NFL season. Coming into this game, the 1-5-1 Cincinnati Bengals were going up against the 5-1 Tennessee Titans. The Titans are one of the better teams in the NFL, with their only loss this year coming against the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers.

Burrow and the Bengals offense had to put up a lot of points to beat a well-coached Tennessee squad. Along with a tough team, Burrow had another challenge he has to deal with. Cincinnati was missing four of their starting offensive linemen.

The offensive line may have not given up any sacks, but that’s thanks to Burrow being able to escape and maneuver the pocket like a seasoned vet. The LSU product had two Sportscenter worthy plays in the first quarter of the game.

In his most exciting play, Burrow was flushed out of the pocket, and it looked like he had nowhere to throw the ball. Instead of throwing the ball out of bounds, Burrow threw a perfect pass to his rookie teammate, wide receiver Tee Higgins, who made a toe-tapping grab for a first down.

Burrow’s other Sportscenter play came in the third quarter where he looked like he was back at LSU. Burrow, who made a living extending plays at LSU, was able to do just that on this play.

The ball was snapped and pressure immediately came from the right side, forcing Burrow to step up in the pocket. As soon as he stepped up, another defender came in for the sack, it looked like Burrow was dead in the water.

Instead of going down, Burrow gave the Titans defender a stiff arm. At this point, it looked like Burrow was only going to get back to the line of scrimmage. But Burrow had one more move in his back pocket.

The top pick out of LSU juked out one more Titans defender but found himself just barely short of the first down. Regardless of getting the first down or not, Burrow made something out of nothing.

Cincinnati’s young gunslinger would almost finish the game with another 300-yard performance. He fell just short of that with 249 yards but added two TDs and zero turnovers to his stat sheet. When it came to third down, the Heisman Trophy winner shined. Burrow was 8-11 for 105 yards and one TD.

Burrow once again showed why he was the first pick in the draft, leading the Bengals to a very impressive win over the Tennessee Titans.

Burrow is getting the media’s attention

Following the Bengals victory, many media members had nothing but great things to say about Burrow. On ESPN, Dan Orlovsky said that Burrow is the second-best young quarterback in the NFL behind Patrick Mahomes. That is some high praise for the rookie.

On Good Morning Football, Peter Schrager expressed that Joe Burrow could be an AFC Pro Bowler at the end of the season if he continues his high-level play. The most surprising media member talking about Burrow would be Stephen A. Smith.

The only time Smith ever talks about the Bengals is when he has something bad to say, but this time he had to make sure everyone is aware of what Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals are building.

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The Cincinnati Bengals have found their quarterback of the future, now they have to build around him. Joe Burrow and the Bengals are looking to become a team to be reckoned with for a long time.