Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals can’t let up on the pressure they’re exerting

Nov 22, 2020; Landover, Maryland, USA; Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 22, 2020; Landover, Maryland, USA; Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals can’t let up on the pressure they’re exerting on the front office after Joe Burrow’s injury.

Tension is coursing through the Queen City like a one-way train with the brakes cut. After stellar quarterback Joe Burrow was thrown to the wolves time after time, it finally caught up to the Cincinnati Bengals, as they saw him go down to a stomach-churning injury. His unprecedented rookie campaign was halted in its tracks.

The feeling among the fan base (correctly) seems to be that this all could have been prevented. While it was a football play that could have happened to any team, the front office should have made additional moves in the offseason to acquire more talent in the trenches rather than relying on unproven and underperforming talent. Zac Taylor shouldn’t have thrown the ball a ridiculous number of times every week in the hopes of winning an extra game or two in a lost season to save his job.

That may seem harsh, but that’s just the ugly reality we find ourselves in. Nearly every member of the orange and black faithful appears to be united in this assessment. However, when the dust settles, when the image of Burrow writhing in pain on the turf fades, the pressure being exerted must remain until the correct strings are pulled to ensure something like this never happens again.

Don’t accept any excuses, Bengals’ fans

If you’re apart of WhoDey Nation, you’re used to hearing the kind of excuses that other fanbases in the AFC North find foreign. With a quick glance at recent history, it’s pretty easy to formulate the lines that will be used in press conferences this offseason to settle things down.

“Hakeem Adeniji showed a lot of promise! With he and Jonah Williams, offensive tackle isn’t a need!”

The first sentence is correct. The second? Not so much.

Yes, rookie Hakeem Adeniji has shown flashes of excellence but he’s also struggled at times too. There should be no doubt that one day he can turn into a member of the Bengals that can significantly contribute. But he isn’t there yet and cannot be relied upon as the team’s starting right tackle.

“Michael Jordan has a ton of potential and is still just 22-years-old!”

Tell that to Joe Burrow’s left knee. Jordan’s 23.5 Pro Football Focus pass-blocking grade from a week ago simply won’t cut it. Again, perhaps he blossoms into a viable starter down the line, but he isn’t there right now. You know who is? Guard Joe Thuney, set to hit the free-agent market once the season is up.

Fans spent the entirety of the offseason with “potential”, “promise”, and “upside” being preached to them. That’s no longer enough. Burrow deserves more of a sure thing in the way of protection.

All of this will be played off as an emotional over-reaction to the injury Burrow suffered but that can’t be accepted. The Bengals are trending toward a top-three pick and have the ability to clear cap space to chase after the best free-agent offensive linemen. They need to use every resource available to give their franchise quarterback the best protection money can buy.

Don’t accept anything else, Bengals’ fans. Cincinnati’s defense may not be generating any pressure this season, but unfortunately, you don’t have that luxury. Keep demanding answers and action. After years of suffering, you deserve to see a talent like Joe Burrow lead your favorite team to a Super Bowl.

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