Bengals: Joe Mixon teases he’ll negotiate for new uniforms next year

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Jacksonville Jaguars At Cincinnati Bengals Oct 4 /

Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon teased he would negotiate for new uniforms this offseason, a fact that will be music to the ears of some.

You won’t have to scan the ranks of the Cincinnati Bengals’ fanbase for long to find a member that is emphatically in favor of the team donning new threads. The topic of fresh uniforms has seemingly been at the forefront of WhoDey Nation for years now.

Most believed the franchise that calls Paul Brown Stadium home would have opted for new uniforms a season ago. After all, the club was set to welcome franchise cornerstone Joe Burrow, and a new look seemed to fit perfectly along with the new direction the team was heading.

Obviously, it wasn’t meant to be. Owner Mike Brown decided to stick with the same uniforms the team has had since 2004. It’s caused frustration to boil over for some fans, especially those who have grown envious of the franchises that seemingly update their look every other year.

However, it appears that the committee pounding the table for new uniforms has a new leader: running back Joe Mixon. In response to a fan asking him on Twitter if he had enough pull to get new unis for 2021, the stellar offensive weapon responded with “I just might… lemme make a few phone calls.”

Mixon is already beloved by the Queen City, but if he were indeed capable of nudging ownership towards the decision of updating their uniforms, he would easily reach a new level of admiration among the orange and black faithful.

Joe Mixon regularly makes his preferences known to the Bengals

Mixon isn’t shy about letting fans, his teammates, and the Bengals organization know his preferences. In fact, the former Oklahoma Sooner does so regularly on social media.

Whether it be his desire for the team to pursue a particular free-agent, commentary on the direction Cincinnati should go in the upcoming draft, his approval of a coaching hire, or the uniform situation, Mixon draws his line in the sand and stands by it.

With his Tweets about the Bengals’ offseason beginning to pile up, fans will soon see just how many of his wishes the front office will grant.

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