Bengals should leave NFL if they don’t draft Penei Sewell per NFL analyst

PITTSBURGH, PA - DECEMBER 19: (Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images)
PITTSBURGH, PA - DECEMBER 19: (Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images) /

Former NFL executive Mike Tannenbaum who is now an ESPN NFL analyst chastised local sports talk show host Mo Egger for not selecting Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell in the mock draft conducted by the mothership on Wednesday. The controversy was the latest about who the Bengals should select in the NFL Draft.

Cincinnati holds the fifth pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The prevailing analysis is that the Bengals will take Sewell or LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase with Florida tight end Kyle Pitts a more distant possibility. Chase is a former teammate of Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow. Tannebaum said protecting Burrow should be the priority.

Tannenbaum compared the possibility of the Bengals selecting anyone but Sewell to the quick breakup of the European Soccer Super League nearly overnight. If the Bengals draft anyone but Sewell Tannenbaum opined that Cincinnati should be disbanded and revoked from the NFL. That’s a harsh opinion.

The Bengals probably corner the market on NFL first-round draft busts with most occurring in the 1990s. Cincinnati would be in a good place with the option of choosing either Chase or Sewell should both prospects be on the board when they select fifth. If Chase or Sewell is off the board it makes the Bengals choice easier.

"“You know yesterday we saw the super league (European Soccer) just disband overnight if the Cincinnati Bengals don’t draft an offensive tackle they should be disbanded and revoked from the NFL. Last year, last year this is remarkable…Joe Burrow threw the ball 450 times in 10 games.Unacceptable they cannot go out on the field this year unless they draft an offensive tacklePenei Sewell with the fifth pick I don’t care if it’s the U.S. Olympic track team out there, (LSU wide receiver) Ja’Marr Chase,  Justin Jefferson if they trade for him.I don’t care they got to keep this guy upright and healthy it was irresponsible what they did last year they should have been more two-back offensive sets two tight ends they should have protected joe burrow it was irresponsible and it bothers me when people say oh just get him another weapon.How many games would he play this year he played 10 last year he wouldn’t play in six or four so when Mo Egger (ESPN Cincinnati) said they can’t make a mistake yeah mo you made a mistake because you picked the wrong guy.”"

The Bengals are almost in a win-win and lose-lose situation. If the draft pick comes down to either Chase or Sewell they are almost definitely going to have a great player. Some of the fanbase is going to be upset no matter which player is chosen. Team Chase and team Sewell have developed among Bengals fans.

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National analysts have their opinion on if the Bengals should take Chase, Sewell, or even Pitts. What seems certain is that Cincinnati will draft an offensive player in the first round. Whichever way the Bengals go in the draft it seems near-certain that will add a player who will help Burrow and the offense.