Bengals 2021 odds 6.5 wins enough for Zac Taylor remaining head coach

CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 01: (Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images)
CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 01: (Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images) /

Last week, NFL pre-draft win totals were released. Cincinnati tied for the fourth-lowest win total at six and a half. Surely most Bengals fans will “pound the over.” Either way, history shows us that if the team gets to six or seven wins, that will be enough in the organization’s eyes to keep Zac Taylor for a fourth year.

David Shula in his first two years as Bengals head coach was 8-24. Yes, that David Shula. For all the ridicule that Shula receives for being the worst coach in franchise history, his first two years outpaced Taylor. Not only did Shula get a third bite at the apple, but he also got a fourth and fifth! That despite going 3-13 in his third year.

In 1996, after Shula started 1-6 in his fifth year, Bruce Coslet came in as interim HC and went 7-2 the rest of the way. A great start, no doubt. In his first two full seasons as HC in 1997 and 1998, Coslet led the Bengals to a 10-22 record. After going 4-12 in 1999, Coslet was brought back for the 2000 season.

But that started as well as one could imagine it would, with an 0-3 record. The theme here is patience. One could even say “bullish” patience. Dick LeBeau came in as interim HC and went 4-9. That was good enough to name him HC in 2001. The following two years, LeBeau led the team to an 8-24 record.

Then, mercifully, along came Marvin Lewis. Alas, even that relationship eventually ran its course ending in 2019. The difference between six and seven wins might change your bank account, but as far as Taylor’s job security, it will not matter. Even if the team only gets to six wins, Taylor will likely continue as HC into the 2022 season.

The only way Taylor does not make it through this season, as history has shown us, is if the team gets off to a Shula like 1-6 start. With what should be an improved roster, no one should bet on this happening. Hopefully, Taylor’s third year will resemble that of 49ers’ HC Kyle Shanahan.

After getting off to a 10-22 start, the 49ers exploded for a 13-3 season in Shanahan’s third year. All of this is to say, much like last year, Taylor is in all likelihood not on a hot seat. If the oddsmakers are correct, it is more probable Taylor will get a fourth year than it is he will be fired at the end of the 2021 season.

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Those odds will increase further if he’s able to nail the draft and get immediate contribution from the players they select next weekend.