Cincinnati Bengals: 4 Reasons to put Zac Taylor on a warmer seat

Cincinnati Bengals, Zac Taylor (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool)
Cincinnati Bengals, Zac Taylor (Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports image pool) /
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The Cincinnati Bengals’ play-calling must improve if he won’t delegate.

Taylor has been adamant about being the play-caller since he became head coach. He must understand his personnel better and assume that the offensive line is still a bit of a weak spot, at least in the early part of 2021.

By the time the Washington game rolled around, the game in which Burrow was injured, it had been established that Washington could really get after the quarterback and Cincinnati could not protect theirs.

Yet, Taylor had Burrow make 34 pass attempts in what was a close game before he got injured. That is simply inexcusable when you consider that the former Heisman Trophy winner had been hit more than 70 times during his rookie season before the Washington game.

This is what Taylor must learn from. Cincinnati now has plenty of weapons on offense. The offensive line is still a big question mark, despite the infusion of new talent. Taylor must protect Burrow with more quick screens to receivers and handoffs to Joe Mixon. This is especially true until we have a better idea of how much the offense of line will improve in 2021.

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The guys that Burrow will be getting the ball to on those little plays can turn them into big ones. The offensive line protecting Burrow must get better. However, it may only improve as much as Taylor does as a play-caller.