Every Cincinnati Bengals Ring of Honor nominee, thoughts on each

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Cincinnati Bengals
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The Cincinnati Bengals announced 17 finalists for their Ring of Honor.

Now, it feels like a party. The Cincinnati Bengals are no strangers to fan loyalty. Anyone who has been there or has seen it firsthand knows that there’s nothing like Paul Brown Stadium aka The Jungle when the Bengals are playing well. It can make the opposing team feel as though they’re under attack.

If you’re a fan of Cincinnati’s, you’ve no doubt been rocked by the tough times. This is a franchise that may have been a dynasty had it not been for those San Francisco 49ers teams of the eighties. The Bengals lost in two Super Bowls to the Niners, on January 24th of 1982 and on January 22nd of 1989 by a combined nine points.

Their last playoff win was on January 6th of 1997, and they’ve lost in their last seven postseason appearances.

Bengals fans have seen some great players while cheering for this team though, and recently, they announced the finalists for their inaugural class to enter the franchise’s Ring of Honor. Paul Brown and Anthony Munoz have already been inducted. The other two guys will be selected by the votes of fans.

Here’s who is still in the running and a few thoughts on each one. Consider this an attempt to show a little love to 17 former Bengals who, honestly, will land in the Ring of Honor at some point.