5 Bengals who could make their first Pro Bowl in 2021 season

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Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /
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Bengals who could make their first Pro Bowl – No. 1: Joe Burrow

The most well-known Bengal is Joe Burrow and that’s why he’s the most likely to make his first Pro Bowl in the 2021 season. Burrow might have been able to get to the exhibition game as a rookie had he not gotten injured, as he was on pace for an impressive season. But, unfortunately, he was indeed injured and even if he had been voted in, he wouldn’t have been able to participate.

Traditionally, three quarterbacks make it to the Pro Bowl for each conference. In the AFC, it’s basically a foregone conclusion that Patrick Mahomes will make it, but he’s been to the past two Super Bowls, which takes him out of the Pro Bowl lineup. This gives Burrow a decent shot to make it if he plays well in 2021.

Burrow’s biggest competitors in the conference are fellow AFC North rival Lamar Jackson, Bills quarterback Josh Allen, and Mahomes. Any of these three guys could be playing in the Super Bowl and therefore, are not eligible to play in the Pro Bowl. There’s also a chance someone declines to partake for one reason or another, which again, opens up a spot for Burrow.

If Burrow can make the Bengals somewhat relevant in 2021, there’s a solid chance he’s playing in his first-ever Pro Bowl when the season is in the rearview mirror.

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Hopefully, the Bengals aren’t shut out again and someone can make it to the Pro Bowl and represent Cincinnati in the game.