Trae Waynes injury history and updates

The Cincinnati Bengals were elated to land Trae Waynes in 2020 free agency but unfortunately, the excitement ended late in the summer when Waynes was injured and forced to miss the entire season. This was a devastating blow to the Bengals’ secondary but fortunately, Waynes’ injury history isn’t concerning despite missing the entire 2020 season.

It’s common for cornerbacks to get dinged up throughout the course of their career due to what’s being asked of them. They’re tasked with covering some of the fastest guys in the NFL and are responsible for making sure those guys don’t use their speed to get down the field and score a touchdown. That’s not an easy thing to do.

Bengals cornerback Trae Waynes injury history

Prior to missing all of 2020 with an injury, Waynes missed five games as a result of an injury. He started all 16 games in the 2017 season, which shows that it is possible for him to be a durable player and make it through the entire regular season.

Trae Waynes pectoral injury, August 2020

During his first season with the Bengals, Waynes was injured during training camp due to an injury to the pectoral muscle. He had surgery on it but unfortunately missed the entire 2020 season and missed out on playing in the first year of his Bengals contract.

Trae Waynes ankle injury, November 2019

During his final season with the Vikings, Waynes sprained his ankle and ended up missing the Week 11 game against the Cowboys.

Trae Waynes concussion, December 2018

Waynes has battled concussions throughout his career with the latest on the record being late in the 2018 season when he missed one game as a result of said concussion.

Trae Waynes consussion, September 2018

Earlier in the 2018 season, Waynes had another concussion, which also sidelined him for one game.

Trae Wayne knee injury, September 2018

The Vikings were panicked when Waynes had to exit their Week 1 matchup due to an injury to his right knee, but fortunately, he was able to return for their game in Week 2.

Trae Waynes shoulder injury, August 2017

Waynes injured his shoulder during the first game in the 2017 preseason and it led to him missing the second game. Fortunately, he was able to return in the third preseason game.

Trae Waynes concussion, December 2016

The first concussion of Waynes’ professional career came late during his sophomore season when he missed one game as a result.

Trae Waynes ankle injury, November 2015

Waynes missed his first NFL game due to injury during his rookie season when he suffered an ankle sprain midway through the season. He only missed one game.

According to Sports Injury Predictor, Waynes has a 50% chance of getting injured during the 2021 season and is listed as a medium-risk for injury. His durability is a three, which should make Bengals fans feel confident that he can stay healthy.

The concussions are a concern but last year was the first time Waynes missed more than one game due to a particular injury. The Bengals certainly need him for their secondary so here’s to hoping he can stay healthy and contribute in a big way.