Bengals: 6 offensive linemen to consider with Austin Reiter visit

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Offensive Linemen for Bengals to Sign – No. 3: David DeCastro

This might not be a popular name considering David DeCastro played for division rival Pittsburgh for nine years and has been frequently considered as a “dirty player” by Bengals fans. Signing the enemy might not go over well with fans but DeCastro is a proven talent at the guard position and the Bengals need depth at guard.

DeCastro was released by the Steelers in June and the Bengals were immediately considered to be a potential landing spot for the long-time Steeler. Here’s something I said about DeCastro shortly after he was released:

"If DeCastro is healthy and wants to continue playing, then sure, the Bengals should consider bringing him in. He’d be an upgrade at right guard and maybe in that situation, Carman can play left guard instead so that he’s still getting some work in as a rookie."

DeCastro was released due to injuries and that’s why I was skeptical of bringing him in. He also voiced around that time that he was contemplating retirement, making the situation even trickier.

All of this being said, DeCastro would give the Bengals a sure thing at right guard if he’s healthy and able to go. It’s seemed to be a foregone conclusion that rookie Jackson Carman would play right guard, but as I mentioned above, it’s possible the Bengals could play him at left guard or they could also opt to let him serve in a backup role, giving him more time to learn.

Bengals fans don’t like DeCastro but there’s no doubt that a healthy David DeCastro would make this Bengals offensive line better.