3 Bengals who need to show something in Week 1 of preseason

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Bengals who need to show something – No. 3: Jackson Carman

The Bengals knew coming into this season that they needed help on the offensive line. They chose to address those concerns in the second round of the NFL Draft by selecting Jackson Carman out of Clemson.

Carman is moving from his tackle position to try and fill a need for the Bengals at guard, but so far that move is not working out. Carman ended up as a third-string player when Cincinnati first released their depth chart. This game will be huge for Carman if he wants to move up the chart.

This will be the first time that Carman gets to see live-action and show the coaches what made him deserving of a second-round selection. Some players do better in games than in practice, and that is what the coaching staff needs to see for Carman to have a chance at cracking the starting lineup.

Having Carman start the year as a third-string player would be a huge blow to the Bengals. They drafted Carman to try and help the offensive line improve after struggling substantially last season. At Clemson, Carman was a good football player, and seeing live-action will hopefully bring out that skill set in him again.