3 questions the Bengals must answer in Week 3 vs Steelers

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2. Can Zac Taylor and his staff figure out how to adjust in-game?

We all know what Burrow can do with his right arm. We also know what Mixon can do with his two legs. Which set of appendages should the Bengals feature on a consistent basis?

I suppose much of this question could and should be dictated by who the next opponent is. That means a willingness and ability to be flexible and adapt, especially in-game. This so far hasn’t been the forte of this staff.

Sunday against the Bears, in spite of the offensive line’s inability to move the Bear defense off the ball and open lanes for Mixon, Taylor insisted on calling second down runs time and again.

Be assured if my wife and I can sit on the couch and know what plays are coming, the opposing defense definitely can as well. Mixon was the only back to see a carry, and only six targets went to anyone not named Boyd, Higgins, or Chase.

Do we only roster three receivers? Couldn’t Mixon see more than two targets, especially considering the duress Burrow was under? This offense, despite the plethora of weapons, is far too often predictable and plodding.

This must be fixed before heading to Heinz Field Sunday to hopefully stay in the AFC North race.