3 questions the Bengals must answer in Week 3 vs Steelers

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3. Can the offensive line not get Burrow murdered in Pittsburgh?

All hyperbole aside, what can the Bengals staff and o-line do to keep Burrow from being broken into little pieces and scattered in the chocolate milk-colored water flowing outside Heinz Field?

Based on the first two games, one would be tempted to say, aside from flying to Pittsburgh without him, probably nothing.

As much as I think it’s utterly pointless to extrapolate stats from a small sample size, Burrow has been dumped on his butt nine times the first two games.

Does anyone think Burrow won’t be permanently damaged if he has to absorb potentially 70+ sacks this season? Ever heard of David Carr? How’d it work out for him?

There are a couple of options, short of all new players, that Zac Taylor and the boys can try. Perhaps the Bengals should play more “12 personnel”? Having two tight ends on the field to offer extra protection could be one way for the team to attempt to protect Burrow. Having max protection available while still being able to put two receivers on the field in Chase and Higgins, both of whom are capable of winning their matchups could keep Burrow clean.

How about more “10 personnel”? By spreading the defense out and getting the ball out of Burrow’s hands quicker, the coverage sacks that JB9 have taken could be reduced. If the defense insists on blitzing, then a receiver should be open. The onus would be on Burrow to get the ball out.

Of course, this would require Taylor to allow another receiver to play beside Chase, Higgins, and Boyd, (Auden Tate anyone?), but what is there to lose? Mix it up and find what is working!

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There’s no one quick fix, but these are just three of the pressing questions that the Bengals must address to leave Pittsburgh with a victory Sunday against the Steelers.