Cincinnati Bengals: 3 bold predictions for Week 3 vs. Steelers

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /
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Cincinnati Bengals
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3. The narrative in the AFC North flips, finally.

Ok, so not the entire narrative. We still have a very good Baltimore team, and an emerging Cleveland Brown squad to contend with. (I know, I never thought I’d live long enough to consider the Browns emerging either).

However we can only go one team at a time, and what better place to start than the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela? Yep, Heinz Field would be an excellent place to start the Bengals ascension back to relevance in the North.

Not since the days of T.J. Houshmandzadeh shining his shoes with a terrible towel, have we as Bengal fans had anything to look forward to in terms of the Steeler rivalry. Yes, there were some good times circa 2015, but thanks, once again, Jeremy Hill for fighting for that extra foot and ruining our playoff win.

The Steelers are a wounded team with a rapidly declining quarterback, and nothing to speak of waiting in the wings. Consider this an absolute PERFECT opportunity to throw the first shovel of dirt on the Steelers season, in their own building. This will of course require the Bengals to come out aggressive and assert themselves Sunday.

If they can come out as the more physical squad on both sides of the ball and hit Pittsburgh in the mouth early, the balance of power could indeed change on this fine September Sunday.

Can Zac Taylor find a way to attack the Steelers’ wounded defense? Will he unleash Joe Burrow and throw the damn ball? Can the Bengals ruin the Steeler season and give us something to feel good about at work Monday morning? Yes. I say yes. This is the weekend we look back on as the Sunday it all changed.

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Bold predictions indeed, but not out of the realm of possibility. This team has the talent and potential to make all of this happen. It remains to be seen if we have the sideline leadership to set all of these bold calls into motion, but for the sake of all our Sundays, let’s hope I’m right on all three!