Cincinnati Bengals: 3 bold predictions for Week 4 vs. Jaguars

Logan Wilson, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)
Logan Wilson, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) /
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Wyatt Ray #93 and Darius Hodge #44 of the Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Wyatt Ray #93 and Darius Hodge #44 of the Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

What a Sunday at Heinz Field. What a Sunday to be a Cincinnati Bengals fan! It felt like years of long-suffering and embarrassment at the hands of the hated Steelers was washed away in one afternoon.

Perhaps it was.

Maybe, just maybe Coach Taylor finally has his team. Maybe Lou Anarumo finally has the players to properly execute his hybrid-style defense. Through three weeks it looks pretty promising but what will Week 4 bring? Can the Bengals continue the good vibes against the Jaguars?

Before I get ahead of myself, while I will always admit my mistakes, I conversely will also prop myself when I am right. The “Bold Prediction” column for the Steelers was my first on Stripe Hype, and man did I crush it, thank you very much!

Nostradamus has nothing on this guy, at least in terms of the Cincinnati Bengals. I’m sure he would’ve been utterly confused by the game of football, I know I am sometimes, but that isn’t going to stop me from peering into my metaphorical crystal ball (if anyone knows where I can get a real one, please DM me), and prognosticating on the happenings to take place at Paul Brown Stadium in primetime Thursday night against the Jaguars of Jacksonville.

1. Primetime demons are exorcised for good

If you have been a Bengal fan for any length of time, let’s say since 2011 for example, then you are acutely aware of the challenges the Bengals — particularly Andy Dalton — have faced in national games, playoffs included.  It’s bordered on the ridiculous, flirted with the unreal, and generally speaking, been a comedy of errors and ineptitude. Problem is, comedies are supposed to be funny. There’s been nothing funny about the Bengals primetime struggles.

To be fair, laying the failings solely at Dalton’s feet is a job for the haters. The objective, knowledgeable fans also know A.J. Green, the Bengal defense, and Marvin Lewis were largely responsible as well.

There have been a couple of exceptions, including last year’s shocking win against Pittsburgh, but no sustained success. Well, kids, that changes now.

Thursday against the Jags, in the Ring of Honor game at Paul Brown Stadium, the Bengals have an opportunity to put the NFL and the viewing nation on notice. DON’T SLEEP ON THESE CATS. The opportunity is there to put this massive display of offensive talent on full display.

My expectation is the Bengals come out firing on all cylinders and flex their offensive muscle in a rout of Trevor Lawrence and Jacksonville. This is a new era. New coaches, new players, time for a new narrative.