Bengals Throwback Thursday: 3 Big Moments vs Packers

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

This Sunday presents a very tough challenge for the Cincinnati Bengals, as the 3-1 Green Bay Packers come to the jungle to face Joe Burrow and company. Looking through the history between these two franchises, surprisingly, history is on the side of the Bengals.

The stripes lead the series 7-6 overall but the last victory belongs to the Packers and it was a 27-24 win in overtime. Can the Bengals keep the series lead? Or will the Packers even it out? To get some good juju in the universe I take a look at three big moments vs. the Packers throughout history.

Oct. 5, 1986 – Bengals score 27 in 2nd quarter on road to victory

During the ’80s the Bengals enjoyed success. First, with Ken Anderson early in the decade, then, more success with Boomer Esiason during the second half of the decade. The Packers were not as fortunate during this time.

Excluding the strike season of ’82, the Packers only had one season above .500. They did have four seasons at .500 exactly, which wouldn’t set any fan base on fire. They also had a total of six different quarterbacks start this decade. Needless to say, the Packers were in a rough patch.

When these teams met in Week 5 of the ’86 season, both were struggling. The Packers were winless at 0-4 and the Bengals were 2-2. Cincinnati ended the season at 10-6, but they struggled at the beginning of the season.

Green Bay struck first in the game with a two-yard Gary Ellerson touchdown run. At the end of the first quarter the Bengals were trailing 7-0, but the onslaught was coming. It came in the second quarter first with a Cris Collinsworth touchdown reception from Esiason, then James Brooks had two touchdown runs. Lastly, to cap off a brilliant second quarter, Collinsworth had another touchdown reception.

The Bengals were up 27-7 at the half and never let off the gas. They won the game 34-28 with two of the Packers’ scores coming in garbage time.

Sept. 20, 2009 – Bengals surprisingly beat Packers in Lambeau

Coming off their respective 2008 seasons, neither team was looking great. The Packers went 6-10 in 2008, however, it was Aaron Rodgers’ first season as a full starter. The Bengals were coming off a 4-11-1 2008 campaign. Both teams were looking to right their respective ships in 2009.

Both teams started 2009 1-1 when they met in Week 3 and things were looking up for the Packers, even at .500. They knew they had something special in their young quarterback, plus they had a few Hall of Famers on defense to help.

The Bengals were in more of a question mark. Carson Palmer did get hurt last year, but even before he was hurt they were 0-5, so, going into the ’09 season I don’t think people were expecting much from this team, however, they surprised everyone going 10-6 and making the playoffs.

The first half of this Week 3 contest was quite exciting with each team trading scores. The Packers capped off the first half with a pick-six by future Hall of Famer Charles Woodson. It was 21 all at the end of the first half.

A Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) touchdown reception in the third quarter proved to be the difference-maker. The Bengals kicked a field goal in the fourth and Mason Crosby also kicked a field goal with 45 seconds to go in the game to make it 31-24. That field goal was too little too late and the Bengals shocked the cheeseheads in Lambeau.

Sept. 22, 2013 – Bengals come from behind victory

2013 was in the midst of the Andy Dalton years in the Queen City. Early in his time at Cincy, Dalton had success with Marvin Lewis making the playoffs each of Dalton’s first four seasons. The Packers were also in the midst of some of their best seasons of all time.

Rodgers, unfortunately, suffered a broken collar bone in the middle of the 2013 season. His Packers finished the season 8-7-1 and lost in the Wild Card round. However, Rodgers was still healthy in this Week 4 match-up.

This was a wild match-up including two fumbles returned for touchdowns, two lead changes, and eight total touchdowns. The Bengals got going early with two rushing touchdowns in the first quarter making it 14-0 at the end of the first.

The second quarter was a cheese-fest as the Bengals were held scoreless. The Packers had three field goals and a defensive fumble return for a touchdown. The first lead change came in the second quarter as the Packers took the lead at half 16-14.

The third quarter was mostly a Packers showing as they piled on two more touchdowns making it 30-14. Dalton connected with A.J. Green late in third for a score to make it 30-21 at the end of the third.

The fourth quarter was a Bengals show. Dalton connected this time with Marvin Jones Jr. for a touchdown to make it 30-27 and the extra point was blocked. With a little over three minutes to play in regulation, Terence Newman had a scoop and score to take the lead.

Bengals won 34-30.

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What do you think? Did I miss any other big moments?