Bengals have an atrocious record against Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson, Ravens. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Lamar Jackson, Ravens. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals have been on a run recently, but their momentum could stop short in Week 7 when they face the Baltimore Ravens.

It might not matter if Joe Burrow has a spectacular throwing day or if Ja’Marr Chase has a massive haul or even if Joe Mixon rushes for 100-plus yards.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is in peak season form in 2021, and the Bengals have more than a few stories about being terrorized by that man.

It is, after all, nearing Halloween, and Jackson has historically been one of the scariest QBs Cincinnati has ever faced.

The first time Jackson played Cincinnati in 2018, he featured in only seven percent of offensive snaps, hardly making an impact.

In the next five matchups, though, Jackson might as well have been a stay-at-home parent because he took the Bengals to school every single time.

Through those five games, Jackson recorded 902 passing yards, 436 rushing yards (including the 152 yards he ran for in a single game), and eight passing touchdowns against three interceptions.

Lamar Jackson has had the Cincinnati Bengals’ number in recent history

The most recent three meetings were Baltimore blowout wins by 24 points or more.

It’s easy for Cincinnati to stand up for themselves and say, “We’re different now. We’re better than before.”

The Bengals’ D does indeed rank in the top ten in the league in multiple categories, and as a whole this Bengals team looks unrecognizable compared to those of years prior.

But 5-0. That’s Jackson’s record against Cincinnati, and he’s been on a record-breaking streak in the past few weeks that should make every Bengals player tremble in his shoes.

Remember when analysts were discussing whether the league had “figured out” Lamar Jackson? Well, that clearly didn’t apply to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Cincinnati’s renovated defense consisting of stars like Jessie Bates and Trey Hendrickson has a chance at stopping Jackson in the running and passing game, as the Chargers did in Week 6 (even then, the Chargers lost in blowout fashion). Jackson was held to just 167 passing yards, had two interceptions against one touchdown, and was sacked three times. Hendrickson, you’re up.

“Don’t sleep on Cincinnati” has been the takeaway from a near-upset against Green Bay and a win against Pittsburgh, but Jackson also knows a thing or two about being underestimated.

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To be clear, we’re more than satisfied with our own star QB, Joe Burrow, and believe he has the potential to equal or even surpass Jackson’s offensive prowess. We are, however, still a teeny bit worried about Jackson come Week 7, and can you really blame us?