5 Cincinnati Bengals who won’t be back in 2022

Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple (20) -Mandatory Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports /

While this season has been a lot of fun for Cincinnati Bengals fans, not everyone will be back next year. Let’s take a look at five Bengals who won’t be on the roster next year and why that could be the case. 

The Cincinnati Bengals are young and fun and their 5-2 record is proof of just that. They have Joe Burrow under contract through (at least) 2024 and their receivers are all locked up for the next several years.

While that’s all fine and dandy, there are players on the roster who won’t be back. Whether it’s these guys’ contracts are expired and they’re not going to be re-signed or the Bengals choosing to cut ties with them before the end of their deals, decisions will be made and it won’t be easy.

These five Bengals seem like safe bets not to be on the team when the 2022 season kicks off.

5. Eli Apple

It’s crazy to think about but Eli Apple was once a top-10 draft pick, going 10th overall to the Giants back in the 2016 NFL Draft. He didn’t do much for the G-Men and has bounced around between teams ever since, playing for the Saints, Panthers, and now the Bengals.

He joined Cincinnati this offseason and it’s been met with mixed reviews. Apple was notorious for missing tackles early in the season and was definitely a liability in the secondary. He currently has 23 total tackles and three defended passes through seven total games (six of which he started).

While the Bengals’ cornerback position needs help, Apple isn’t the answer and he’s proven just that. Cincinnati would be better off finding a cornerback in the 2022 NFL Draft than re-signing Apple after his contract expires this season.

Eli Apple will not be wearing the stripes in 2022.