Cincinnati Bengals decide to stand pat at the deadline

Cincinnati Bengals -Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Cincinnati Bengals -Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

The Cincinnati Bengals did not make any moves at the trade deadline, which officially passed at 4:00 EST on Tuesday.

It’s not a shock that Cincinnati stood pat. This isn’t an organization that makes huge moves but rather builds up its draft picks and tries to rebuild that way.

Still, for a team that’s 5-3 and surprising a lot of people so far through the first eight weeks of the season, it’d have been nice to see this team make some sort of move that could help down the road. Adding another pass-rusher could have been an option or trading for a cornerback to help out the secondary would have been popular moves in Cincinnati.

The front office decided, however, that it’s going to sit back and see what this roster can do for the rest of the season.

Cincinnati Bengals don’t make any moves before the trade deadline.

Bengals fans aren’t surprised by the result but with the hot start the team has gotten off to this year, this would have been the season for the organization to make a flashy move at the deadline. Being aggressive could have been the difference between making the playoffs and watching the playoffs from home once again.

At the same time, however, one could argue that these decisions don’t often lead to a Super Bowl. Willie Lutz mentioned how the last team to add someone at the deadline and go on to win it all was the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles.

Be that as it may, it’s totally understandable why fans wanted to see something happen. Throwing in someone like Kyle Fuller or Xavien Howard to this secondary would have made them a much better unit. Adding another pass-rusher to help Trey Hendrickson could have turned the defense back into what it was before the loss to the Jets.

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I get why the Bengals weren’t aggressive but it’d have been a lot more fun if they had been. Maybe this will end up being the right decision. We’ll have to wait and see.