Cincinnati Bengals had the best possible BYE week

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Baker Mayfield (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Baker Mayfield (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals didn’t play this weekend due to being on their BYE but the best-case scenario happened with none of the other three AFC North teams winning their games.

The Ravens fell to the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football, the Browns got taken to the woodshed by the Patriots, and the Steelers tied with the winless Lions. While a Steelers loss to Detroit would have been preferred, Bengals fans should take what they can get at this point.

With none of the other divisional teams winning their Week 10 matchups, the division is even more confusing than it was before. That Pittsburgh tie is going to cause a lot of confusion throughout the rest of the season too.

As of now, the Bengals vault into third place due to the Browns having five losses compared to Cincinnati’s four. The Ravens are still in first place with a 6-3 record and Pittsburgh is in second with a 5-3-1 record.

Cincinnati Bengals benefit from a bad weekend in the AFC North

The AFC is difficult to figure out this year and the AFC North adds to that confusion. All four of these teams have winning records still and could make the playoffs but this weekend has left football fans more puzzled than ever. Who are these teams? Are any of them actually good?

The Bengals have a tough road ahead and that begins with their Week 11 matchup against the Raiders. Their next AFC North showdown will be in Week 12 when the Steelers come to the Queen City for a rematch of Week 3 where the Bengals won by double-digits.

Entering their Week 10 BYE, the Cincinnati Bengals had two tough losses in a row and hopefully, they saw their divisional foes struggle this weekend and will use that as momentum in the final eight games of the season.

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No one in this division should scare this team, especially after seeing them stumble against beatable teams this past weekend.