Bengals Throwback Thursday: 3 big moments vs Chiefs

Andrew Brown #93 of the Cincinnati Bengals sacks Chase Litton #8 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)
Andrew Brown #93 of the Cincinnati Bengals sacks Chase Litton #8 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images) /

As a Cincinnati Bengals fan who has lived in Kansas City all his life, I have seen several meetings between Cincinnati and the Kansas City Chiefs, at least since 1989. It’s a tight series as the Bengals lead the 29 game series 15-14. I distinctly remember the last meeting between these two teams.

It was my birthday in 2018. I went to see the new Halloween film with my wife and a friend and we all went home to watch the Bengals vs. Chiefs while getting Wingstop. My birthday ended with Patrick Mahomes eviscerating the Bengals 45-10 on Sunday Night Football.

Hopefully, this meeting will go better.

Below are three games that went better for the Bengals.

Nov. 16, 2003 – Bengals hand Chiefs their first loss of the season

The Chiefs had an excellent 2003 season. They started off 9-0 and ended the season at 13-3. They were unable to secure the No. 1 seed but got a BYE as the two seed in the postseason. The Colts came to Arrowhead after thrashing the Broncos and despite the final score controlled the Chiefs for 60 minutes.

The Chiefs were unfortunately one and done that year but at least they made the playoffs.

The Bengals were another story.

They started out 2003 1-4 going into their BYE in week 6. They ended the season 7-4 and finished with an 8-8 recrd. They missed the playoffs but Jon Kitna did make the Pro Bowl. I never knew that happened.

Despite the middling year, the Bengals did have a major highlight, beating the last undefeated team in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs. In week 11 the Chiefs were 9-0 and the Bengals were 4-5. Most people, like myself, thought the Chiefs would walk over the Bengals in a win.

I always say you cannot let inferior teams hang around, it gives them hope that they can win, which gives them the surge to do so. It happens all the time during March Madness but that transplants to any sport. After three quarters the score was 10-6 Bengals and the stripes certainly thought they had a chance.

It was a 27-point fourth quarter, however. Each team traded blows but with the Bengals already in the lead, it was too much for the Chiefs to overcome. Peter Warrick’s 66-yard punt return touchdown and a 77-yard touchdown reception from Kitna, mixed with the Chiefs going for two and failing, put the game out of reach.

The Bengals won 24-19 stunning the undefeated Chiefs.

Sept. 10, 2006 – Bengals win Week 17 rematch of the previous season

Week 17 of the 2005 season didn’t mean much to Cincinnati. They had already punched their ticket to the playoffs, but the Chiefs had not. They needed to beat the Bengals and needed the Steelers to lose to the Lions in order to get into the postseason.

Well, Cincinnati didn’t play most of their starters for very long and got blown out by the Chiefs 37-3. However, the Steelers beat the Lions and nabbed that last playoff spot in doing so, which made this Dick Vermeil’s final game, not only with the Chiefs but ever.

The beginning of the 2006 season looked different for the Chiefs as Herm Edwards took the reigns as head coach. In week 1 it was a rematch of 2005’s week 17 game. Both teams started slowly only scoring field goals in the first quarter.

It wasn’t the high-flying Chiefs offense that got going in the second quarter, however. The Bengals ran two touchdowns in to take a 17-3 lead at the half. Then in the third quarter, the Chiefs suffered a devastating blow as Trent Green left with a concussion. Damon Huard stepped in Green’s place and did throw a touchdown but the game was too far gone by this point.

The Chiefs got the ultimate last laugh. At the end of the season, the Chiefs needed an almost impossible scenario to make the playoffs. With a win over the Jags and a Bengals loss plus losses by two other teams, the Chiefs clinched the No. 6 playoff spot while Cincinnati watched the postseason from home.

Nov. 18, 2012 – Bengals stomp reeling Chiefs

Truth be told there is not much of note about this game. Any non-Chiefs fans or people who do not live in Kansas City probably don’t remember what a horrible year 2012 was for the Chiefs. It was the last season that Kansas City had a losing record, as Andy Reid came in the next year and has led them to nine straight winning seasons.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Bengals were in the early years of their five postseason appearances run. So, though everyone expected this game to be a blow-out, my two friends who are Chiefs fans decided to go with me to the game at Arrowhead.

I decided to be respectful and not cheer in the case that the Bengals stomp the Chiefs. Well, that didn’t work out because right in front of us sat a string of Bengals fans who would turn around and high-five me every time the Bengals scored. My friends were very good sports this Sunday.

Andy Dalton threw for over 200 yards, the law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran for over 100 yards and a score. A.J. Green had almost 100 yards and a touchdown.

Meanwhile, Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn both played for the Chiefs and neither threw for over 100 yards. Jamaal Charles was the only bright sport rushing for 87 yards but no score. The final score was 28-6 as the Bengals strolled past the Chiefs.

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What do you think? Did I miss any big games?