NFL analyst fanboys over Joe Burrow being ‘awesome’ at football

Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

If you haven’t been watching Dan Orlovsky’s analytical breakdowns of NFL plays, you’re missing out. He lavished plenty of praise on the young Cincinnati Bengals quarterback in his most recent video.

Joe Burrow has done all kinds of crazy things in 2021. He’s a serious frontrunner for Comeback Player of the Year, he won the AFC North, and he’s led his team into the Divisional Round of the playoffs (and hopefully farther).

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky showed Burrow some love on social media, first by this very laudatory tweet:

It’s hard to argue for any other player that has made as deep of an impact as Burrow has for the Bengals. They don’t call him Joey Franchise for nothing.

But Orlovsky didn’t just stop there. He broke down several of Burrow’s key throws in the Wild Card game against the Las Vegas Raiders, pointing out “Joe’s superpower plays” that make this young buck different from the rest.

Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow is finally getting the respect he deserves

Burrow’s ability to perform under pressure has already been well documented, but here Orlovsky emphasizes his efficiency and accuracy — Burrow can get himself out of trouble incredibly fast and still “play on time,” finding Ja’Marr Chase for what looks like a simple enough 15-yard pass.

In the 2021 regular season, Burrow led the league with a 70.4 percent completion rate, yet he’s also tied for the sixth-fastest average time to throw (2.65 seconds) and is second in the league with 7.8 yards per attempt on quick passes.

No wonder Orlovsky loves this guy.

Orlovsky and fellow ESPN analyst Ryan Clark did an even more detailed breakdown of one of Burrow’s best plays against the Raiders. Both analysts highlighted three areas that make Burrow perhaps the best young quarterback in the league: his decision making, accuracy, and anticipation.

“There is no defense for the perfect ball,” Clark says, and Burrow threw to perfection — *chef’s kiss* — in many situations that game.

Don’t just believe the analysts. Watch the tape for yourself.

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At the end of the video, Clark jokes that Burrow was wearing glasses during the post-game press conference because his future in Cincinnati is so bright.

That it is.