Bengals need to hire Joe Brady if Brian Callahan lands elsewhere

Joe Brady (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)
Joe Brady (Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) /

What if the Cincinnati Bengals lose their offensive coordinator? If only there was someone familiar with the players and system. Where would they find such a person?

The Cincinnati Bengals are going to be a popular team to poach.

Offensive coordinator Brian Callahan interviewed with Denver Broncos nearly a week ago.

Defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo interviews with the Giants the day after Cincinnati beat the Titans in the Divisional Round.

Cincinnati Bengals fans are all thinking it

It is always stressful when it comes to the possibility of losing coordinators. No worries though. Bengals fans are already thinking it. There is already a preferred candidate if Callahan were to take another job.

To be clear, this is not to push Callahan out the door — Simply pondering a contingency plan if it were to happen.

Of course, that plan is Joe Brady.

Mixed feelings from Carolina fans

Some Panthers fans believe that Brady deserved to be let go. Others a quick to suggest that Brady was a scapegoat for a disappointing season. A few ask how is that Matt Rhule still has his job?

The Carolina Panthers’ offense struggled in Joe Brady’s two seasons with the team. As Nick Shook of wrote:

"“In total, the Panthers haven’t come even remotely close to the offense they envisioned when they hired Brady. Carolina currently ranks 28th in total offense and passing yards per game, essentially wasting a stellar defense that ranks second in the NFL in yards allowed per game and first in passing yards per game.”"

Matt Rhule is an offensive-minded coach. Joe Brady is not the only one who deserves blame.

There were also a plethora of quarterbacks who did not help the situation. In two years, the Panthers had Teddy Bridgwater, P.J. Walker, Sam Darnold, and Cam Newton.

Not to mention, their best player, Christian McCaffrey, spent a lot of time on the injury list. In a possible 33 games these past two seasons, McCaffrey has played in only 10 games.

Also, from an outside perspective, what seems to be ailing Brady is the same affliction that caused a rift between Brian Flores and the Miami Dolphins. That is, maybe he just rubbed some people the wrong way for some reason.

No matter where Carolina fans fall, it does not seem to be affecting Brady’s status around the league. He remains one of the most sought-after offensive coordinator candidates this coaching cycle.

Joe Brady may need Cincinnati more than Cincinnati needs him

If the Bengals can duplicate their success again next year, every coach associated with the team will be looked at as a potential head-coaching candidate — All three coordinators and position coaches, which is how Taylor came to Cincinnati by the way. He made the leap from quarterback coach with the Rams to head coach of the Bengals.

Moreover, if Brady indeed ruffled feathers in Carolina, Cincinnati could be a soft landing spot to rehab that image.

No matter what happens with Callahan, Brady may want to find his way to the Queen City.

Brady remains a hot name for offensive coordinator around the league. It is highly unlikely that he would want to accept anything “below” that. But if he were, one would have to assume that there is no place he would rather be in doing so than Cincinnati.

Surely if the Bengals wanted to, they could come up with some creative title for him. Something along the lines of “offensive quality control coach” or “passing coordinator” or something to that effect.

Would it work?

Teaming Burrow, Chase, and Moss up with their offensive coordinator from an LSU team which is considered to be one of the best offenses ever sounds amazing!

What’s more, imagine all the shirts that could be made alluding to all the Joe’s on the team. Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, Joe Bachie, Joe Brady, Jo (nah) Williams.

Taylor does not need to worry about his place in the locker room or the Bengals’ organization. Not after the culture he has fostered off the field along with a magical season he and the players have provided us with on the field.

If Brady were to find himself in Cincy, there should not be a problem with hierarchy. Taylor is the de-facto offensive coordinator. However, he gives his coaches a lot of say in the offensive gameplay and what happens on game day. With Darrin Simmons as the assistant head coach, the hierarchy is set.

It appears that Taylor is a great coach to work for if you are an assistant. He remains loyal during difficult times. There were calls to move on from Anarumo. Now the defensive coordinator is being considered for at least one head coaching position.

Taylor never wavered from his vision, nor his staff.

What is Brady’s ultimate goal?

As of now, it looks like Brady is intent on staying in the NFL next season. As ESPN’s Adam Schefter wrote:

"“Brady prefers to continue coaching in the NFL, and the expectation is that he will stay in the league next season, according to sources. Brady could return to coaching in college, where his career took off as the passing game coordinator at LSU during the Tigers’ 2019 national championship season. But one source told ESPN that although it’s “not impossible, it is improbable” that Brady heads back to the college ranks in 2022.”"

If Brady’s ultimate goal is to become an NFL head coach, it does not look like it is going to happen in this coaching cycle.

Landing in Cincinnati would be great for any offensive-minded coach looking to leap to head coach.

The Bengals’ offense is set up for success. Another season like this one and whoever the coaches are will surely get looks for vacant head coaching jobs. This makes Cincinnati a great landing spot for any coach if the team were to lose someone to greener pastures.

That includes Joe Brady.

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