Cincinnati Bengals fans need this limited-edition bobblehead


The Cincinnati Bengals are Super Bowl-bound thanks in large part to a trio of offensive superstars. That’s why you’re going to love this new bobblehead.

All season long the Cincinnati Bengals had to listen to the criticism and the doubters. And they heard it all. Defense wasn’t good enough. Offensive line wasn’t good enough. Can Joe Mixon bounce back?

Through it all, here they stand. The Bengals are just a few days away from clashing with the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl.

If you’re excited – and we know you are – then you’re going to want to check out the latest from our friends at FOCO. 


We know it might be difficult to pre-order a bobblehead that you haven’t even seen yet, but trust us, you don’t have to worry.

FOCO doesn’t make bobbleheads like you’re used to. These aren’t the hastily produced and sloppily painted bobbleheads you’d get from a stadium giveaway.

These are hand-crafted and hand-painted limited-edition collectibles.

This particular bobblehead is a three-piece mini scene. It features 5-inch bobbles of Tee Higgins, Ja’Marr Chase and Mixon.

You can pre-order yours today for $100. But here’s the catch – they’re going to go fast. That’s because only 356 of them are being produced.

These will begin shipping no later than August – so just in time for next football season.

Below, you can find additional item details.

  • Portrays Joe Mixon, Ja’Marr Chase, and Tee Higgins posing in their gameday uniforms for a triple threat of big play prowess
  • Jungle backdrop with Bengal silhouette accents that will have your collection ready to go wild
  • WHO DEY, WE DEM! text display on front of base that will be ready to welcome your fellow fans to the jungle
  • Team logo displays on front of base, in case there were any doubts where your allegiances lie
  • Field-textured top of base
  • Front name displays so everyone knows who the faces of your franchise are
  • Handcrafted
  • Hand painted
  • Limited Edition (356)
  • Approximately 5 inches tall

Don’t wait. Check out FOCO today and secure your pre-order. 

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