Joe Burrow is the only current quarterback Rob Gronkowski wants to play for

Rob Gronkowski (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
Rob Gronkowski (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /

Joe Burrow has caught the eye of practically everyone in the NFL for what he’s been able to accomplish this season as the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals. Now, he’s the only current quarterback that Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski wants to play for.

As you might have heard, long-time quarterback Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL last week and that puts Gronk’s future in the league up in the air. Gronkowski returned to the league in 2020 to play with Brady and aside from when the future Hall of Famer was suspended, he’s the only quarterback Gronk has played with.

Chris Mason of Mass Live released an article where Gronkowski said that if he can’t catch balls from Brady anymore, he’d want to play with Joe Burrow in Cincinnati.

"“I kinda like this young buck quarterback. He’s in the Super Bowl now: It’s Joe Burrow, man,” Gronkowski said. “I watched him in college. I just love the way he presents himself out on the football field. In the pocket he’s just so calm and he just slings it out on the field.“I just love his swag, too. If I had to pick a quarterback it’d be the young buck Joe Burrow,” Gronkowski reiterated. “He’s killing it right now in the game.”"

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Gronkowski has been in the league since 2010 when the Patriots took him in the second round of that year’s draft. Since that time, he’s totaled over 1,000 receiving yards in four seasons and scored double-digit touchdowns in five seasons.

Gronk’s issue was always injuries, as last year was the first time he made it through a season without missing time since 2011 (his second season as a pro tight end). The injuries are what pushed Gronkowski to retire following the 2018 season but he only spent a year away from the sport before returning to join Brady in Tampa Bay.

The Bengals certainly could use Gronkowski, especially if C.J. Uzomah were to leave in free agency this offseason. Fans are hopeful that Uzomah returns and honestly, even if he does, a case could still be made for Gronkowski to join the stripes.

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It’s pretty cool that a guy who’s only wanted to catch passes from Tom Brady now said he’d be willing to play with Joe Burrow as well. This is only the first of many big-time names who will express interest in joining the Bengals to play with Burrow.