6 bold predictions for Bengals vs. Rams in Super Bowl LVI

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images) /
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Ja’Marr Chase will get the better of Jalen Ramsey

One of the biggest matchups of the game will be the battle between Ja’Marr Chase and Jalen Ramsey. The latter is a shutdown corner for the Rams who may be given the task of containing Chase in single coverage. If the Rams are bold enough to attempt to put Chase in one-on-one situations, they will pay dearly for it.

If the Rams are smart, they will have Ramsey follow Tee Higgins in single coverage and put their No. 2 cornerback on Chase, and put a safety over the top. Ramsey would likely fair much better against Higgins in a one-on-one matchup and Chase can be better contained when getting double-teamed. However, the Rams correctly view Ramsey as a shutdown cornerback, which may lead to the mistake of hoping he can shut down a receiver as good as Chase.

Against single coverage, Chase is third among NFL receivers in touchdowns with 10. The rookie wide receiver is also among the top of the league in receiving yards against single coverage.

This is even more impressive than the numbers suggest when put into the context that after Chase broke out early on in the season, teams started to put double coverage on him more often than not. This means that Chase has not seen much single coverage since early on (besides Week 17 against the Chiefs), but still remains among the top of the league against it.

Franchise quarterback Joe Burrow and Chase have a special connection, dating back to their time together at LSU. More often than not, the Bengals win when Chase goes off. Expect Chase to give Ramsey a hard time in the Super Bowl, and for it to be a major contributing factor if the Bengals end up coming out of Los Angeles with the Lombardi Trophy.