Cincinnati Bengals’ 3 biggest regrets from the 2021 season

Tee Higgins, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Tee Higgins, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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Cincinnati Bengals
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Mike White

So this game didn’t really serve to hurt the team’s season. In fact, it probably helped to galvanize the Bengals. But really? Lose to the Jets? Nope, just can’t accept that.

The Bengals rolled into the Meadowlands on top of the world. Darlings of the NFL, fresh off an ass whooping of the Ravens in beautiful Baltimore, the Who Dey’s simply, for lack of a better term, “bonked” against the Jets.

A guy no one heard of then or has heard from since named Mike White proceeded to spank the Bengal defense for over 400 yards. This game turned out to be the worst defensive game of the season.

White dinked, doinked, dunked, and checked down his way to the most improbable Bengal loss of the season. It was maddening to watch and even harder to understand.

While I am not a huge advocate of the “good” loss, (the best loss is a win), the game did serve to wake up a team that thought they could coast against an inferior opponent.

Ultimately the loss did not hurt the team, but as a fan, and I’m a fan first and foremost, this loss, in particular, was embarrassing beyond belief. A week after smack-talking anyone in earshot about the Bengals spanking the Ravens, they laid a Raven-sized egg against the lowly Jets.

This was a regrettable week, as many Bengal fans had to eat a lot of crow, or Raven if you will.