3 Bengals free agents that we won’t miss if they sign elsewhere

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1. Vernon Hargreaves

Yeah, this one shouldn’t come as a shock. Vernon Hargreaves probably would have made this list even before the Super Bowl incident happened but now that that’s what he’s most known for, he definitely won’t be missed by Bengals fans.

For those who forgot (not sure how you could but maybe some people pushed it out of their memory), Jessie Bates had just picked off Matthew Stafford and the Bengals looked like they were in serious business ahead of the half. Unfortunately, after the pick when the defense was celebrating in the end zone, someone in street clothes was out there dancing around with the team.


When this first happened, people were simply thinking “Who is that guy and why is he on the field?” and then it became known that it was Hargreaves out there. Facepalm.

That stupid decision backed the Bengals offense deep in their own territory and they couldn’t take advantage of the interception that Bates had. While Hargreaves’ stupid decision might not have been what cost the team the win, it certainly didn’t help their case.

Outside of all of that, Hargreaves was a midseason pickup who is looking more and more like a first-round bust as time goes on. He wasn’t active for the Super Bowl and appeared in just four games in 2021.

I can say with confidence that no Bengals fans will miss Vernon Hargreaves in 2022.

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Are there any other Bengals free agents who you wouldn’t miss if the Bengals don’t retain them?