Bengals Schedule: Way too early record prediction for 2022

Tyler Boyd, Ja'Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Tyler Boyd, Ja'Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /
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Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals finished the 2021 season 10-7 overall and did much better than expected. After looking at the schedule for the 2022 season, even without a complete-time/date schedule, we still take a look at the home and away opponents and predict what we should expect from the Bengals.

HOME opponents for 2022

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have some outstanding young players like Kyle Pitts and others who will get better year by year. Even with that being the case, the Falcons will not be a playoff-level team next season so as long as Cincinnati doesn’t lay an egg as they did against the Jets, this should be a win for the good guys, especially at home.

Last year, the Falcons had a -146 point differential, which was second-worst in their conference.

44. 34. 56. Prediction. 17

Baltimore Ravens 

The Ravens at total health are a lot more of a threat than last year but the good guys have more talent overall and will win the game in Cincinnati against Baltimore. Cincy has the pass rush that can contain Lamar Jackson in the pocket because their secondary is so strong that it allows the Bengals only to rush four, sometimes five, and not fully blitz like some teams are forced to make a defensive impact.

If any team sweeps the other this year, that would be pretty shocking due to the skillset and turmoil created this past year. However, these are the most talented teams in the division, which will make these two matchups vital.

28. 56. Prediction. 24. 26

Buffalo Bills 

This may be the most challenging game on the schedule this season, and fans should be in store for a phenomenal game. The Buffalo Bills are not only one of the best teams in the AFC, but they are one of the best in the entire league.

This will be the first head-to-head matchup between Josh Allen and Joe Burrow, which will raise the stakes. I have the Bengals dropping this one but in a very close game. The offseason will be significant to see how each team can improve an already solid roster, but whatever team fills their needs could be the better team out of the conference this year, barring any significant injuries to either side.

Prediction. 28. 16. 27. 56

Carolina Panthers

Right now, the Carolina Panthers don’t fair as a severe threat on the Bengals schedule, especially with the game taking place at Paul Brown Stadium. The Panthers do have a lot of talented players on the defensive side of the ball, and you can’t discredit the skillset of Christian Mccaffery if he’s healthy. The fact of the matter is that the Panthers don’t have a true starting-level quarterback and without that, it’s hard to win in the NFL.

This one shouldn’t be close. Yes, sometimes the Bengals struggle against teams they should blow out of the water but this shouldn’t be one of those games.

Prediction. 6. 87. 21. 56

Predicted Record: 3-1