Bengals’ odds to repeat as AFC Champions are flat-out disrespectful

Zac Taylor, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Zac Taylor, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals weren’t supposed to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl last season but that’s exactly what happened. As “lucky” as the Bengals might have been in 2021, the oddsmakers don’t like their chances of hoisting the Lamar Hunt trophy in back-to-back years.

According to WynnBET, the Bengals are +950 favorites to win the AFC in 2022. The odds themselves aren’t necessarily disrespectful but that +950 is good for the seventh-best odds in the conference.

Some teams with better odds than Cincinnati make sense (the Bills at +375 and the Chiefs at +525) but others are real head-scratchers. The Browns, for instance, have the third-best odds to win the AFC at +725 and while I understand they added Deshaun Watson this offseason, there’s a solid chance he won’t even be able to play in a good chunk of the Browns’ games this year.

Bengals disrespected in AFC odds

After the Browns, the hilarity ensues, as the Broncos and Chargers are both tied for the fourth-best odds at +750. I might be able to excuse the Chargers being that high due to how much of a stud Justin Herbert is, but the Broncos? Yes, Russell Wilson is in Denver now but that shouldn’t give them that big of a boost.

The Colts have +850 odds to win the AFC, which is also wild that they’re ahead of Cincinnati. Matt Ryan is there now but he’s past his prime.

I’m not saying these other teams won’t be decent in 2022 but to give them better odds to win the AFC than the Bengals is asinine. Cincinnati only lost a few key contributors following their Super Bowl run and they added key talent to the offensive line, which was their biggest position of need. Now that Joe Burrow is protected, the Bengals are going to be even scarier and the odds don’t reflect that.

The Bengals were definitely a team last year that did better when people were underestimating them so maybe this is a good thing but it still irks me.