Cincinnati Bengals’ 2022 draft considered one of the worst

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For the most part, Cincinnati Bengals fans were okay with the team’s selections in the 2022 NFL Draft. Some of them came as a bit of a surprise but the team clearly put an emphasis on the defensive side of the ball. Not only that, but they also put a strong focus on versatility and speed.

Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports ranked every team’s draft and he did not put the Bengals high on his list. In fact, he put them in the third-to-last spot. Wilson’s rankings were a little different though and he offers this explanation as to what he took into account here:

"We’re comparing where we had each draft pick graded with where they were actually selected."

With that said, let’s dive into what Wilson had to say about the Bengals’ draft and why he put them third-to-last.

Not everyone loved Cincinnati Bengals’ 2022 draft

Wilson’s favorite pick made by Cincy was that of first-round defensive back, Daxton Hill. He basically said that the stripes needed to address their secondary and did just that with Hill, who can fill an assortment of needs in the secondary.

Wilson said the best value pick for the Bengals was seventh-round pick, Jeffrey Gunter.

"Jeffrey Gunter is raw, but man, his athleticism flashes at times on tape. We liked him late in the fourth as a developmental pass rusher with traits NFL teams love. At 6-foot-4, 258 pounds, he ran a 4.7 40 and had a 35.5 vertical. He also has 33-inch arms."

I was a fan of the Gunter pick too and feel he could be a late-round gem for this team. They emphasized their pass-rush in the draft and Gunter certainly checks the box as someone who can get after the quarterback.

Lastly, Wilson discussed what he perceived to be the most surprising pick and went with Cam Taylor-Britt. His reasoning for this was pretty much that he viewed the Cornhusker as a fourth-round pick and Cincy took him in the second round.

While I absolutely loved the Taylor-Britt pick, to each their own. The Bengals got two starters for their secondary with their first two picks but not everyone is going to love the picks made.

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After nailing free agency, the Bengals didn’t have the kind of draft that everyone seemed to love (see the Ravens, Jets, Eagles, and Chiefs for that department) and that’s okay. This is a young team that’s still in great shape to contend.