Bengals Schedule Rumors: Plenty of primetime games for Cincinnati

Leigh Oleszczak
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals‘ schedule for the 2022 season will be officially unveiled on Thursday but in the meantime, games are being leaked right and left. While we don’t know how credible these leaks are, it’s still fun to talk about and speculate.

In the few games that have been leaked, and it makes sense as to why, the Bengals are slated to be the stars of primetime. This isn’t shocking considering Cincinnati reached the Super Bowl last year, taking down the Raiders, Titans, and primetime-darling Chiefs to get to the big game.

As of this writing, four games have potentially been linked and three of the four are slated to be played under the bright lights of primetime.

Bengals Schedule Rumors: Primetime games aplenty

Earlier on Wednesday, I discussed one of the leaked games, which was the Bengals and Ravens squaring off on Sunday Night Football in Week 1. This would pit two AFC North rivals against each other and would give everyone a chance to watch Joe Burrow vs. Lamar Jackson in primetime. What better way to start off the Sunday night slate than two teams who hate each other?

Two weeks later, the Bengals are rumored to be on Sunday Night Football again, but this time they’d be on the road. It’d be a Week 3 game in New Orleans against the Saints, which means that not only will Bengals fans make the trek to the Big Easy but LSU fans aren’t going to audibly cheer against two key men who got their team a championship just two years ago.

After that game, there’s a gap between that and the next leaked matchup but the one we have is a fun one. It’s being rumored that Cincinnati will get to play on Thanksgiving and their opponent would be none other than “America’s Team”.

This would be a lot of fun for Bengals fans because when was the last time they played on Thanksgiving? It’ll be fun having turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with the family while watching the stripes take on the Cowboys.

The final leaked game, again, as of this writing, is the regular-season finale, which is slated to come against Pittsburgh. As some may know, the final week of the season doesn’t have a night game scheduled until the week of, as the league wants to put the most important game of the week in that slot.

The Bengals would host the Steelers in the final game of the season and as we saw last year, this game might not end up mattering much for the stripes if they take care of business before this game comes around.

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Those are all of the leaked games floating around right now. What are your thoughts on them, Bengals fans?