When is the Cincinnati Bengals’ BYE week in 2022?

Marvin Jones #82 (Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images)
Marvin Jones #82 (Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals schedule for the 2022 season has been revealed. When does the BYE week take place for the reigning AFC champs?

The NFL is quickly gearing up for the 2022 season with a recent draft and official release of the schedules for the upcoming season. Though the season seems far away, teams across the league are already preparing to maximize their potential. The Cincinnati Bengals were lucky with an ideal BYE week for 2022.

The Bengals’ BYE week in 2022 will be in Week 10, which falls roughly in the middle of the season. This BYE week will give them the perfect opportunity to recharge and get physically and mentally prepared to meet the demands coming their way.

The timing of the BYE week for the Bengals is important this year because they will face their toughest competition after it.

How tough will competition be for Bengals after BYE week?

After the BYE week, the Bengals will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs. With Tom Brady stepping back out of retirement, the Bucs will likely be one of the most dominant in the league. They’ll then face Bill Belichick’s team, the feisty Bills, and the team that has hosted four consecutive AFC Championship games in the Chiefs.

As you can see, the second half of the season will be the toughest for the Bengals, and a BYE in Week 10 will be extremely beneficial.

Why does the NFL hold BYE weeks?

BYE weeks in the NFL serve multiple purposes to the teams and the overall organization. The BYE weeks are typically held near the middle of the season from Week 6 to Week 14. For the teams, the week is used to wind down and relax before continuing the remainder of the season. It gives the teams time and energy to analyze their performance and continue with an improved plan.

It further prevents athletes from over-working and facing injury. Though injury is sometimes inevitable in football, a BYE week allows the players to physically rest and take care of any issues that may arise. The players’ overall health is maximized because of the rest period.

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