Bengals will return to the Super Bowl in 2022 per this NFL analyst

Bengals. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Bengals. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Despite their 2021 success, the Cincinnati Bengals enter the upcoming season with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over their Super Bowl hopes and dreams.

The Bengals overcame all odds to reach the championship last year, and the league is arguably split between those who think Cincy can make another deep run and those who think Cincy will disappoint in 2022.

With several months before the start of the season, the Bengals are projected as early favorites to win the AFC North, but one NFL analyst believes the team can achieve even more acclaim and duplicate its 2021 results.

Undisputed’s Skip Bayless predicted a Bengals-Buccaneers Super Bowl matchup for 2022 and picked star quarterback Joe Burrow as the driving force for the team’s potential success:

"“I think the next Tom Brady will play the real Tom Brady. I’m going to say Joe Burrow gets Cincinnati back to the Super Bowl. I think Cincinnati actually had a moral victory against the Rams because they had a horrible call at the goal-line on Cooper Kupp…it was ridiculously bad….they knew it was bad…I think they take more positive away from it than negative.”"

Skip Bayless believes Cincinnati Bengals will make it to the Super Bowl in 2022

Bayless doesn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know: Joe Burrow is a beast, and the Bengals have an insanely young and talented roster. Calling Burrow “the next Tom Brady” seems like high praise indeed, but so far the Cincy signal-caller has proven he possesses the mentality, toughness, and skillset to compete at the highest level.

For all the reasons the Bengals could boast a second consecutive Super Bowl appearance, they also could bow out early in the postseason, as the team has much larger obstacles in its path in 2022.

Last season, Cincy had one of the easiest schedules in the league; this season, they must grind through a first place schedule in which they have eight matchups against playoff teams.

The Bengals also luckily avoided the injury bug last year and will face much stiffer competition in their division against a rejuvenated Baltimore Ravens team as well as a Deshaun Watson-led Cleveland Browns side.

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