Bengals Schedule: 6 best QB matchups for 2022

Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Cincinnati Bengals
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5. Lamar Jackson

With Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson playing in the same division, one would think we’ve seen this matchup plenty of times already. Oddly enough, that isn’t really the case here.

Burrow faced the Ravens once during his rookie year and the Bengals got the crap kicked out of them in that one. Then, this past season, Jackson was only healthy enough for one game against the Bengals, and, similar to what happened to Cincy the year before, they got the doors blown off of them.

We’ve seen these two go head-to-head twice despite them playing in the same division the past two seasons but this time around. Injuries have prevented us from seeing how good this matchup can truly be.

4. Deshaun Watson

The Browns added Deshaun Watson this offseason, making him one of the newest quarterbacks in the AFC North. Burrow and Watson have not faced each other before, as he was injured when the Bengals and Texans played each other in the 2020 season.

I debated putting Watson higher but a few factors went into him sitting here — First and foremost, will he play much this year?

The second reason was that Watson hasn’t taken a snap since the 2020 season came to a close. He sat out last year and might not be the same quarterback who led the league in passing yards in 2020.

If he does turn back into that quarterback, however, seeing Burrow and Watson go up against each other twice a year should be a blast.