Bengals Rumors: 5 potential landing spots for Jessie Bates

Jessie Bates III, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Jessie Bates III, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /
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There is no say whether the Cincinnati Bengals will trade Jessie Bates. Still, his current hold out due to contract disputes could lead the Bengals to make decisions they didn’t anticipate a couple of weeks ago.

Bates is on a franchise tag worth upwards of $13 million; however, he wants a couple more million per year, but the more significant issue is the stability behind the contract. Bates wants incentives; he wants guaranteed money, and rightfully so. He has earned the right to be paid and has earned the right to a long-term deal if that is with the Cincinnati Bengals or somewhere else.

When determining the five teams that would be best suited for Jessie Bates, positional factors play a role but more so than that, the teams need to be able to take on his contract and pay him what he envisions, which would be a long-term deal worth upwards of $17-18 million per year.

Here are the top five best potential trade destinations for the star safety.

All contract information is courtesy of Spotrac

5. Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have built up and maintained their defense this offseason. However, they could use a safety that can be the backend and eyes of the defense.

Green Bay could very well have one of the best pass rushes, and they just gave Jaire Alexander a big-time deal that has opened up the cornerback market. Pairing Alexander with Bates in the defensive secondary would give them an elite safety/cornerback combination. Not to mention they have filled roles around that with solid starting-level players.

The Packers would be the most significant long shot in a potential trade for Bates, but it’s a reasonable option. They are fourth in current cap space, according to Spotrac, with roughly $17 million so they would have the money to secure Bates for what he wants and would be adding another key piece to a Super Bowl-driven roster and vision.

If Green Bay could find a way to land Bates, it would put them in a much better position in the NFC to compete at a Super Bowl level. Bates showed his importance in the postseason for the Bengals last year, where he made multiple game-changing plays, and adding that to the Packers would be extremely useful to Matt LeFleur’s team.