What are Bengal fans most looking forward to in 2022?

Sep 30, 2021; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Cincinnati Bengals fans "Who Dey" signs during the fourth quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports
Sep 30, 2021; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Cincinnati Bengals fans "Who Dey" signs during the fourth quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports /

We have heard from Cincinnati Bengals coaches and watched interviews with players about the upcoming season, but what about the fans?

What are Cincinnati Bengals fans most excited about this season? Do they have expectations or questions for this team as they begin trying to run it back in 2022?

Bengal fans had to endure some tough years in the past. With the team coming off an incredible season, finishing as AFC Divisional Champions, AFC Champions, and Super Bowl runner-ups, what are some expectations for the season?

I sat down to ask a few questions with some true Bengal fans who are passionate about this team. Many are long-time season ticket holders who cherish their experiences in the Jungle.

Whether tailgating before the games or following this team to other cities, these fans care. You may not know them as some of the notorious Bengals fans but trust me when I say they love this team just as much. I wanted to get their opinions on the upcoming season.

Long-time Bengal fan Gene Williams recently decided to renew his season tickets again this year. He has followed the Bengals his whole life, even supporting them by traveling to the Super Bowl last season.

What questions do you still have about this team?

“I want to know which offensive linemen will live up to their expectations. Example: will La’el Collins be “The Body Guard?” Williams went on to say, “Will Joe Burrow continues to show that he is still getting better and learning? Will the defense blitz more than twice a game? Can Chase Stay humble? Too many great receivers make it all about them. I know it is in their DNA, but there have been some.”

What are your expectations for this team?

“Win the AFC North at a minimum. Sweep division opponents with No close games. Go deep into the playoffs, and if they can make it to another Super Bowl, I expect a win.”

Scott Hauff is a devoted Bengal fan who spends his time tailgating before games. He attended all three playoff games, including taking a trip out to Los Angeles to Who Dey at SoFI Stadium. He even has a Bengals man cave where he surrounds himself with Bengal memorabilia perfect for watching games.

Which player do you think can be a difference-maker besides Joe Burrow?

“I will have my eye on all three of our new O-lineman…all three are highly regarded, and like last year…we didn’t just go after players that “still have a couple of years left “…we went after stat-proven players. With two out of the three current teams trying to get them to stay makes me excited to see how our quarterback protection improves.”

What are your expectations for this team?

“While I try to keep my expectations realistic year after year…They are higher than they ever have been in years past. Now, I expect at bare minimum to make it to the playoffs each year going forward…way too much talent on our roster right now to not to…and be in the position in the standing to host games deeper in the playoffs.”

Cincinnati Bengals Football (WhoDey Nation) Facebook group was created to bring all Bengal fans together and is run by ten-year season ticket holder Josh Mason. His father shared his love for the Bengals, and Josh has continued that love.

What would you like to see from the coaching staff this year?

“From the coaches. I want to see them continue to get better and improve in areas like play-calling, adjustments, game plans, etc.”

What are your expectations for this team?

“My expectations are a Super Bowl win, of course, but I feel that making the playoffs and winning a game or two is still a really good season.”

Lisalynn Bisarra was born into the fandom; you could say her godfather was a coach with Bengals during the early 80s, in which he coached players from those Super Bowl teams. Now a super fan, she spends time tailgating with Bengal’s Bomb squad before the games. She attends the Taste of the NFL every year and enjoys meeting all the players.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

“I expect our receiver corps to be regarded easily as the best in the league. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase will only become more symbolic and effective. I also think Burrow takes a third of his hits that he did last season. Of course, we will have a winning season or better, and I believe Jesse Bates will end up with a deal.”

What are your expectations for this team?

“I’m looking forward the most to seeing Money Mac stunt and the Joe show (Mixon and Burrow) with room to boom. I am so excited I could burst!”

Being a Bengals fan for 51 years, Steve Hudson has been a season ticket holder for 26 years. His love for the Bengals led him to drive down from Cleveland for five years to attend the home games. Now back in Cincinnati, he is over-excited about going to games this season.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

“I look forward to seeing how Burrow performs with a whole camp and a better offensive line. I hope Joesph Ossai adds to the pass rush and causes the defense to be even better. I want to see Logan Wilson lead the defense and become a perennial pro-bowler.”

What are your expectations for this team?

“I hope we can host the playoffs and the AFC Championship game and win our first of four Super Bowl appearances.” Hudson went on to say, “I like to see Joe Mixon go over 1200 plus yards and Chris Evans becoming our pass-catching runningback like Karmara.”

As for me, I am eager to see how the unknown will play out. On the offense, will the coaches use running back Chris Evans more? Will newly attained tight end Hayden Hurst be another reliable weapon for Burrow, especially in the red zone? I, too, want to see how the three new offensive linemen work together to protect our franchise quarterback. Could offensive lineman Cordell Volson push Jackson Carman to be the missing piece to the line problem?

Then there is the defense. Will second-year defensive end Joseph Ossai be an impact player and add to the sack numbers. Can defensive tackle BJ Hill be the disruptor that Larry Ogunjobi was? Will defensive players Wyatt Hubert and undrafted Tariqious Tisdale make the team? How will linebacker Akeem Davis-Gaither pick up where he left off before his season-ending injury.

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All these questions and expectations will be answered soon enough when the Bengals start their training camp, with rookies reporting on July 23 and the veterans on July 26.