6 Bengals whose stock significantly rose in preseason game vs Cardinals

Bengals (Mandatory Credit: Albert Cesare-USA TODAY Sports)
Bengals (Mandatory Credit: Albert Cesare-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Cincinnati Bengals did not come away with a win in last night’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. However, there was a lot of good to take away from it. Some players opened the eyes of fans and coaches.  Six Bengals players, in particular, saw their stock significantly rise despite the loss.

Fortunately, Evan McPherson is still Evan McPherson. We have become spoiled by him hitting Steph Curry-esque field goals from the logo. And yes, Dax Hill made excellent plays, but as a first-round pick, his stock did not have as much room to rise as the others on this list.

Enough with the preamble. Let’s dive in.

Bengals RB2?

Chris Evans

Chris Evans mania is at an all-time high after his performance. Perhaps he was still feeling some residual effects of being placed on a list of betting odds to be the next person to date Kim Kardashian. Or maybe it is just a continuation of his solid rookie season and a good training camp performance this year.

Cincinnati’s own “America’s backside” had an excellent performance. But you would not be able to tell by looking at the box score. On the night, he finished with eight carries for minus-three yards and an average of -0.4 yards per carry.

So what has fans thinking he can take over the RB2 duties from Samaje Perine? Evans had a 60-yard run, 13-yard reception, and a five-yard touchdown run, each nullified because of penalties. However, his stat line looks a lot better with those added plays.

Along with his rushing performance, Evans showcased his return abilities with one kick return for 41 yards in the second quarter. And on top of all this, he also played a role in punt coverage duties. The hype around Evans began last year. Expect it to reach the fever pitch now.