4 Bengals who are tumbling in value after the preseason opener

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

With the first preseason game in the books, these four Cincinnati Bengals players didn’t come out and perform as they were expected to. Although it is the first action of the season some performances just can’t be overlooked due to the shocking nature of their effect on the game.

Fans are excited about a great season but these guys have some work to do before the regular season begins

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4. Jackson Carman

The first preseason game didn’t make the battle for the starting left guard job any more clear as Carman looked very inconsistent in his first action of the season. Carman looked slow off the ball compared to the defensive line which caused a holding penalty. The amount of pressure coming from the expected starter has fans uneasy when looking at his position.

The rookie Cordell Volson will be looking to capitalize on this to try and steal the job from under his toes. Carman was the only listed starting offensive lineman who played in the game and for good reason, as it is evident he still has a lot of work to do before week one of the regular season.

With fans hoping for a dominant offensive line in 2022 the events of the first preseason game have them unsure about who will be the man for the left guard spot. There are still two games to be played so let the competition begin!

3. Thaddeus Moss

Bengals fans are all hoping the Burrow/Moss connection can reestablish itself due to how dominant they were as a pair in college. However, this does not look like something that is going to occur as Moss had a chance Friday to work up the tight end depth charts but ultimately made things worse for himself.

Everything he showed was very underwhelming, the longest catch was for 17 yards and he only had three total catches. He was targeted four times and caught three of them but only amassed 29 yards.

The lowlight of Moss’ night was that he had two penalties that wiped big plays off the board. Moss has not been able to prove his worth since he transitioned to the NFL as he has seemingly struggled to transfer his game from the college level to the big leagues. It’s safe to say he will never live up to the hype of his namesake. He will have two more games in which he can prove he deserves a spot but for now, expect his name to be off the 53-man roster.

2. Backup Offensive Line

The whole offensive line that started against the Cardinals looked very weak as a unit as the pocket collapsed quickly due to getting beat off the ball. The line as a unit also had missed assignments and penalties occur in the first game of the preseason.

Thankfully none of the starters besides Carman played so fans can expect much better when the starting unit is in. Offensive line depth is very important during the course of the regular season so Frank Pollack has some work to due before the start of the regular season.

There is no need for fear from fans as this is the first game-speed action any of them are seeing. Expect improvements even from the backups because in the NFL you never know when your name will be called so players have to stay ready and equipped to play in a game. Fans will get a real glimpse of what the line will look like when they get reps in the preseason.

1. Pooka Williams

Williams was added to the Bengals last year as an undrafted free agent and since then he hasn’t done anything to show why he is still in uniform. His best shot at making the 53-man roster is as a return man and special teamer. He had a poor start to his campaign as he muffed the first punt he attempted to field.

Fans shouldn’t expect to hear his name once the season begins as he is not cut to be on the 53-man roster by any stretch. He may even be a part of the first round of cuts that are made.

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Who else do you think tumbled in value after the Cincinnati Bengals’ preseason opener?