Bengals News: Joe Burrow back at camp and Wyatt Hubert retirement

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow - Mandatory Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow - Mandatory Credit: Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports /

In Bengals news, Joe Burrow returned to training camp after the preseason opener while another former Cincinnati Bengals draft pick decided to step away from football for good. 

The Cincinnati Bengals took the field for an actual game for the first time since their heartbreaking defeat in the Super Bowl. It was in a preseason game against the Cardinals where the stripes got beat pretty soundly but hey — It’s only the preseason.

Two days after the game wrapped up, Joe Burrow took the field for the first time since that Super Bowl defeat. He had an appendectomy a few weeks ago that sidelined him for the first two weeks of training camp and for the first preseason game. He won’t play in this Sunday’s game against the Giants but it was good to see Joey B back in a Bengals uniform throwing a football.

Burrow should hopefully be under center when the Bengals host the Steelers in Week 1. The team isn’t anywhere close to being the same when Burrow isn’t taking the snaps and fans saw that first-hand during the preseason opener. Brandon Allen isn’t Joe Burrow.

Bengals News: Joe Burrow is back while Wyatt Hubert retires

On the other side of the coin, former seventh-round pick Wyatt Hubert decided to step away from the sport of football after never taking the field for the Bengals. The seventh-round selection of Hubert in last year’s draft seemed like a sneaky good pick at the time as the K-State product shined bright during his college years but injuries kept him off the field during his rookie year and that led to his decision.

Casual fans probably didn’t even know who Hubert was. After all, he was a seventh-round pick who didn’t play at all as a rookie and then never did much during his second offseason. I was familiar with him because I live close to Manhattan, Kansas so I watch a lot of K-State games and Hubert truly was the star of that team during his final year there.

Unfortunately, injuries were to blame for him making this decision but Bengals fans wish him the best of luck moving forward!

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