Bengals’ Kendric Pryor is relishing the opportunity to ‘learn from the best’

Kendric Pryor, Bengals. Mandatory Credit: Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports
Kendric Pryor, Bengals. Mandatory Credit: Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports /

Kendric Pryor, a rookie free agent receiver, has been a marvel for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2022.

Last night, we found out part of the reason why Pryor chose to sign with the Bengals after going undrafted.

In the fourth quarter, Bengals reporter Marisa Contipelli interviewed receiver Tyler Boyd. During that conversation, Contipelli told Boyd:

"“I was talking to Kendric Pryor and he said the main reason he wanted to sign with the Bengals was to learn from the best. From you, Tee, and Ja’Marr. What does that say just about the respect that you guys have commanded from across the league?”"

First, it is safe to say that Pryor was correct in his assessment and has no regrets about his decision. But he has done more than just learn — Pryor is pushing his way onto the final roster. He led the team with 182 receiving yards in preseason action and finished second in receptions with 13, one behind Trenton Irwin’s 14.

He also mixed in a couple of spectacular catches and has proven to be formidable with the ball in his hands, traits he helped develop by being around the best receiving trio in the NFL.

Kendric Pryor praises Bengals’ elite wide receiver corps in 2022

Speaking of which, Boyd had this to say when answering Contipelli:

"“I think that it means a lot because we’re a group of guys that show. You know, we’re not about talking and telling the world that we are the best trio or saying we can do this or that. We go out there each and every week, each and everyday at practice and we work hard.I’m just appreciative of guys and players that recognize it. But at the end of the day, we’re just going to keep working.”"

A straightforward answer from the star wideout. It is easy to understand why we haven’t heard much from the young guys in the receiver’s room. They have made all their noise on the field in practice and the preseason games. No talking, as Boyd noted. Pryor showed up every day, worked hard, and produced. Lessons learned.

He has gleaned enough to make a solid case to make final roster cuts, which will be announced Tuesday afternoon. After enjoying two excellent preseason games heading into Saturday night, Pryor had another solid outing against the Rams. He finished the evening with five catches on six targets for 65 yards.

Pryor now has a chance to be a peer, not just an apprentice, as the young wideout has made it difficult for Cincinnati to keep him off the 53-man roster.

But no matter what happens Tuesday, Pryor can hold his head up high knowing he held his own while learning from the best.

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