1 bold prediction for each Bengals draft pick in 2023

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DJ Ivey makes the roster

Under most circumstances, the later you are drafted, the less chance you have to actually see action on the field. There have been good late-draft pick stories, the most notable being the often-claimed G.O.A.T Tom Brady, but in the majority of cases, if you're drafted in the seventh or even sixth round-- and you're not a kicker or punter-- chances are you're going to be spending the first good chunk of your career on a practice squad.

This will most likely be the case for DJ Ivey from Miami, the Bengals' seventh-round pick in this past draft. He could eventually make a name for himself, there's no ruling that out, but in all likelihood, he will very well be spending his rookie year-- or at least starting it out-- on the practice squad. At least, that's what most people think. In my opinion, Ivey has what it takes to survive the final cuts.

Yes, cornerback is a loaded position for the Bengals, but it's all top-heavy. You have Chidobe Awuzie, Mike Hilton, and Cam Taylor-Britt as the starters, however, the depth isn't all that deep, in terms of quality. I'd say the only guys in that cornerback room who are safe (outside of those top three of course) are a fellow rookie and second-round pick DJ Turner and journeyman Sidney Jones.

So, potentially, all Ivey has to beat out to make the roster is Allan George and Jalen Davis. Both are expendable depth pieces. Davis, in particular, has been on the team since 2020.

Again, we know Anarumo likes to experiment with the defense, maybe he decides to take a chance on Ivey to see what he has in the former Hurricane rather than stick with George and/or Davis. Even if he makes the roster, he probably will not see the field, but it's still very much up in the air whether he'll make it to begin with.