1 bold prediction for each Bengals draft pick in 2023

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Andrei Iosivas finished with 10+ receptions

Eight receptions don't sound like a lot-- and it's not-- however, the sixth-round pick out of Princeton isn't expected to see the field much this season anyways, as he is currently listed as WR6. Andrei Iosivas could potentially jump Trenton Irwin, and potentially even fourth-round pick Charlie Jones because some have labeled him to be a steal. Some even go as far as to say he was the Bengals' best selection this draft, but that is all speculation/predictions. Then again, that's what this whole article is about.

As stated by NFL analyst Chris Trapasso, the reason the Princeton product went so late is due to him being considered more of a project receiver, since he isn't from a big school like Ohio State, Alabama, Oregon, etc. However, his size and speed make him a potentially useful gadget for the Bengals' offense down the road.

How much of the field he'll actually see in his rookie season, well, like Murphy and Ivey above, it depends on how much the coaching staff decides to experiment during the regular season.

You can rule Iosivas out from overtaking anyone in the starting trio of receivers, Boyd, Chase, and Higgins are all set in stone, but could he leapfrog Trenton Irwin and Charlie Jones? It's possible, so the question from there is how many opportunities will he get as a WR4?

To compare, Irwin, as the first guy off the bench, had 15 receptions last season. However, you do have to take into account that a lot of his playing time came from Chase being injured for a month.

If, and this is a very big if, Andrei Iosivas impresses enough in training camp to get the WR4 spot, I think he'll be able to achieve 10 receptions or more. Even if he doesn't, they can put him into the lineup for specific plays/circumstances, if nothing else than to see what they have with him.