1 bold prediction for each Bengals draft pick in 2023

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DJ Turner takes one to the house

Let's end this off with a bang.

Like the Charlie Jones prediction where I said he would take a kick return all the way back, this one has no true rhyme or reason behind it, except that I just feel it coming in my gut. The Bengals, if my memory serves me correctly, didn't have a pick 6 in 2022, with the last one coming the year before when Mike Hilton got one off of former teammate Ben Roethlisberger and took it to the house.

As for Turner, he only had three interceptions during his entire career with Michigan, though one of which did go for six. There's no doubt Turner will get a good number of opportunities throughout the year, whether that be from injury (although hopefully not) or being called on for specific plays and defensive sets.

In one of those this season, he'll truly make the most of it and not only notch an interception onto his resume-- but also return it for a touchdown.

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What are some bold predictions you have for this rookie class?