1 winner, 6 losers from Bengals Week 1 loss vs. Browns

  • Defense played well for the most part
  • What happened to Joey B?
  • Where was Tee Higgins?
  • Why did the Bengals punt on the Browns' 38-yard line?

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Joe Burrow

The biggest loser of the game had to be Joe Burrow. The Bengals just made Burrow the highest-paid player in the league on Thursday. Three days later, he completed just 14 passes for 82 yards and was benched with roughly four minutes to go in the game. That's not the kind of performance you want to see from your franchise quarterback.

Tee Higgins

It was a bad day at the office for Burrow but it was an abysmal day for Higgins, who failed to catch a single pass on Sunday afternoon. The former second-round pick out of Clemson was targeted a whopping eight times and he came up with zero receptions. It was unbelievable how out of sync Burrow and Higgins were on Sunday.

Brad Robbins

There was a lot of hype surrounding Robbins after the team spent a sixth-round draft pick on the rookie from Michigan and he did not deliver. It was a brutal debut for Robbins, as the Bengals continued to loss the field position battle due to his poor punts. He'll hopefully get better but this was not a good showing for the Wolverine punter.