10 best free agents in 2023 and are they a fit for the Bengals?

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1. Lamar Jackson

The best free agent this offseason is a player that the Bengals are all too familiar with. It's weird that Lamar Jackson has even gotten to free agency considering the career he's had to this point but his situation is a weird one. His style of play paired with the fact that his mom is his agent means that the Ravens have had to jump through more hoops with their quarterback than most teams seem to have to.

Jackson won the MVP in the 2019 season but he hasn't been able to get the Ravens far in the postseason. He's also been injured over the past two years and that's what makes his contract extension so tricky.

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Jackson is projected to earn a wild five-year deal worth $260 million ($52 million annually) and $208 million guaranteed. Bengals fans will be watching this situation very closely because Baltimore is in the AFC North and also because this could be what Joe Burrow's pending extension looks like.

Would Lamar Jackson be a fit? No. I don't think I need to go into detail here.