10 greatest Bengals one-hit wonder seasons in franchise history

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Charles Lee “Boobie” Clark, FB (1973)

Boobie’s rookie season was unexpected for even Clark himself. As a fullback, he totaled almost 1,000 yards rushing and eight rushing touchdowns. He also had 347 receiving yards at the end of the season.

However, he was never meant to be a fullback. He was a tight end and during a blowout victory in a college game for his team Bethune-Cookman, his coach put him in at full-back to give other players rest.

That game tape was sent to Paul Brown to showcase other players but something about Clark's play caught his eye and he drafted Clark in the 1973 draft as a fullback. Clearly, it worked as Clark found immediate success.

However, an on-field incident that bled off the field would seem to hinder his growth. During a loss to the Denver Broncos, Clark hit Dale Hackbert in the back of the head. Hackbert filed a lawsuit and it went to trial as an “Intentional tort”. Essentially Clark knew he was inflicting harm on Hackbert. The case went all the way to the US Court of Appeals in 1979.

After his rookie season, Charles never had another season that equated the success. Either team's had figured him out, or he didn’t keep putting in the work, or the off-field tort issue go to him.