10 greatest Bengals one-hit wonder seasons in franchise history

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Elbert “Ickey” Woods, RB (1988)

The only way you could ask for a better rookie season than Ickey had in 1988 is if you won the Super Bowl. The Bengals nearly won in 1989, all of which was helped by Ickey’s brilliant rookie campaign.

His touchdown celebration became a viral sensation back in the day as everyone was doing the “Ickey Shuffle”. It was even brought back by Geico in a popular Super Bowl commercial.

Ickey rushed for over 1,000 yards and had 15 touchdowns in his rookie season. Unfortunately, in the second game of the 1989 season, Ickey tore his ACL. With the medical science back then it was a death note for a player.

He stuck around till 1991 but Ickey was never the same player. I hope he got a bunch of money for his Geico commercial as consolation.